I wanted to tell you in person, but since you’re all engaged with your music now, this is probably the best way.
I realised I am in love with you. I’m sorry. I didn’t plan that. It sometimes happens without any reason and agains all odds, you should know that. And it’s not a healthy kind of love, it’s limerence, and I’m working on getting rid of it. After I succeed, there’s gonna be just the one love in its pureness that I know I feel for you. Without any pressure, anxiety and expectations.
My boyfriend asked me to marry him. It was a totally practical suggestion without any romance. And in addition to what I wrote above, it just didn’t feel right. I told him we can talk about it after the reconstruction. Which gives me about a month. I hope I’ll figure things out by then.
Do you know that if you add one letter and change the order, you’ll get “love” out of “Leo”? All it takes is add one last thing. And then change the order….