(Don’t read this if you don’t feel prepared)
I’m positive something strange is happening with me here. Hope you don’t mind me being completely honest.
One of the things that has changed during the previous year was my relationship to my body. I’m not talking about how it looks, but how I communicate with it. And I realized that during each month I undergo different phases, meaning being super-active at the beginning of my cycle, being extremely empathic and communicative during ovulation, being very creative (but self-oriented) before having my period and then extremely reflexive while having it. It really works and it’s a great help in everyday life when you realize it and just listen to it.
Anyway, this is why I’m telling you. I just got my period again. It’s the third (!!!) time here in Golden. It has never happened to me this often, it’s totally unusual and makes me think about it what it means. What’s going on with my body?
I briefly talked about it with my friend who I know has been interested in the whole women-cycle-science and she told me something like this happened to her before. When she met her “soulmate”, she started cycling every two weeks until her period synchronized with full moon. Weird, hh? Anyway, this is obviously what has happened to me. Full moon in four days.
This is another interesting thing. When a woman’s cycle gets synchronized with new moon, it means her creative energy focuses on conception and starting a family.
On the other hand, when her cycle gets synchronized with the full moon, which is happening to me, it means her energy focuses more on her inner creative process, using her sexual energy on something else then conception.
And my friend also said, the more you get connected to your body and listen to it, the more you get synchronized with the “right” moon phase, which makes your attempts even stronger.
Interesting, isn’t it? Now I have even more things to process in my mind.
It almost looks like I might have met my soulmate. But it’s not a person I should start a family with. Instead of it, I’m using this person (and my libido) to resolve something inside me and transform it creatively into something else.
I don’t want to put any pressure on you, but you might be even more important to me then I thought so far. 😀